Environmental Products for the
21st Century

Keeping our environment clean is smart business. The days when being environmentally aware was bad for business are over. A whole new environmental economy is emerging where being environmentally intelligent and business profitable go hand-in-hand. There is a whole new class of environmental technologies and products emerging onto the global landscape. TMS Environmental Products is proud to use and sell one of these new classes of products, Bio-Matrix.

Despite our best efforts, environmental accidents happen. They happen as hydrocarbon spills, chemical waste in the wrong places, contaminated water, and a whole handful of other kinds of events. While we work on creating the new environmental economy we still have to clean up what we do now.

Our products are simply the best at cleaning up most of these messes. If you've got an environmental problem, we can help you fix it.


TMS Environmental Products is a Master Distributor for Bio-Matrix USA in Austin, Texas and the surrounding area.