How To Use Bio-Matrix Super Absorbent Material

Bio-Matrix is made from specially dried peat moss. After drying and preparation it is a lightweight, fine granule material. Because it absorbs so quickly and because it has the consistency of sawdust, effective use of Bio-Matrix is different from the use of clay granule products such as Kitty Litter.

Bio-MatrixDon't Use Like Clay Granule Absorbents

Clay granules are typically spread over and in the spill. Often the granules are left in the spill area for extended periods of time until they are shoveled or swept away. Clay materials are generally poor absorbents for oils and other hydrocarbon spill liquids.

Bio-Matrix, on the other hand, absorbs hydrocarbons rapidly and completely. When used properly, Bio-Matrix will absorb all of the hydrocarbons leaving the surface of the spill area "dry" when the absorbent is removed. But, because Bio-Matrix has the consistency of sawdust, leaving it on a spill area subject to drafts and wind will allow it to blow away before doing its job.

Bio-MatrixProper Use of Bio-Matrix

The correct and most effective way to use Bio-Matrix:

  1. Scatter enough product to cover the spill
  2. Mix the area with a brush or broom
  3. When the Bio-Matrix is "full" it will turn from a medium brown to a mahogany color
  4. If the area or the Bio-Matrix remains tacky or visibly oily, scatter more Bio-Matrix and mix until the area is dry
  5. Sweep the Bio-Matrix into a proper container

Bio-Matrix will even absorb the oils on the spill surface and the broom bristles, leaving them both free of residue. Bio-Matrix will decompose the hydrocarbons into harmless water and carbon dioxide in about 100 days. Most of this decomposition will happen in the first 30 days. The absorbed liquids will not seep out of the Bio-Matrix granules after disposal.

Download the Bio-Matrix Brochure and Product Video